søndag den 24. marts 2013

I'm going north!

I'm going on a mini-cruise! This is a last minute update. Just to say that I'm going to Oslo, and I will be back on Tuesday. With a lot of pictures. I'm so exited!

Some outfit pictures from yesterday, when my family held an Easter dinner. With a lot of good food. 

torsdag den 21. marts 2013

New cool things

I just bought something new, from Netto. Even though it's a grocery store, kind of, they actually have a lot of cool stuff.

 I bought this organizer, because I'm planning to re-organize my room. I think it will be nice, to store my makeup in.

 Then, i bought the Nivea stress protect deodorant. I have only tried it once, but it smells really nice, and so far I think it's okey.

søndag den 17. marts 2013


What i wore, when my boyfriend and I were in Lalandia. If you don't know what that is, it's a water park. You can also bowl and ice skate. My hair is still wet on the pictures, because we bathed of course ;). There is really cozy, and we had quite fun. In the brown bag, i have a present for my friend who has just had her birthday. They had this little store, with a lot of awesome things. I'm kind of sad that i forgot to take some pictures. I could have gone around there for hours, and still discover new things i had not yet seen.
We ate at a cafe that had the most delicious hot chocolate, and a really good apple pie. Mmm..
We're already planning a new trip.

Outfit details: Hoodie borrowed from my boyfriend, bag from Pieces, tank from H&M, trousers from H&M, shoes from Converse.

tirsdag den 12. marts 2013

10 random facts about me

Hello from me :) 
My name is Laura, but my family sometimes call me Lubsi, hence the name of the blog.
Here i will wright about my very exiting life. All the things that interested me. If you want to follow the craziness, you are much welcome. I wanted the first post to be about me, so you can know me a bit more.

Random facts:
1. My birthday is 17/2-93, so it is not to long ago. And my little sister gave me a panda-pillow pet! So awesome. 

2. My dog, Vimse. He loves to read Game of thrones.

3. I'm from Denmark, but i wright in English, obviously. Just because i want to.

4. I have 5 siblings.

5. I like to play chess, with my boyfriend.

6. I have brown hair, and weird-colored eyes.

7. I play the piano, and I'm trying to learn myself to play the guitar too.

8. My favorite singer is Robbie Williams. And I'm going to see him this summer, wuhu!

9. I went to the cinema today, and watched "Lincoln". It was really great. Different, i think, but different is good.

10. I like to read, sing and laugh. I like fashion, movies, and food.

That was a little about me :)
See you, hopefully.